High-performance technology that taps into hidden opportunities.

IB optics: Defining the future of kitchen ventilation.

ECOAZUR’s cutting-edge solution constantly monitors your kitchen for even the minutest changes in temperature and detects smoke and vapor in an instant. Thanks to the sensors’ precision, they can control any fan or damper—even in the harshest kitchen environments.

  • Machined and robust stainless-steel design
  • Waterproof and grease-proof
  • No calibration required
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Hygienically and mechanically safe
  • Sensors blink to intuitively notify kitchen personnel that attention is required
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Stay in the driver’s seat for your kitchen’s ventilation.

ECOAZUR acts as a central hub so that you can control a wide range of parameters, including temperature and cooking by-product such as smoke and vapor, exhaust and supply airflows, the speed of VFDs or ECMs, modulating dampers and more.

Using sophisticated algorithms and sensors, ECOAZUR offers a multitude of cooking modes to generate the highest energy savings possible, without sacrificing your team’s comfort. Featuring unprecedented modularity, ECOAZUR is extensible to any type of kitchen and can even be seamlessly integrated with a variety of building automation systems.

You can boost your energy efficiency with damper technology.

Craving the most high-performance, energy efficient solution possible? Have you opted for dampers-based controls for your kitchen ventilation? Get the best of both worlds.

ECOAZUR’s premium solution not only features its advanced sensors but also supports modulating dampers—without the need for cleaning, cutting or welding duct work. Adhering to the strictest safety norms in the industry, ECOAZUR leverages the power of both ventilation methods to ensure long-term energy savings and mitigate both costs and risks.

How it works

Want a look under the hood?

Got a new kitchen project? Need to retrofit your existing equipment? Contact one of our certified, local distributors and partners for more information on our turnkey solutions. In no time, you’ll be on the road to more energy savings, more comfort and a better bottom line.

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Where stellar service comes standard.

Make the most out of your ECOAZUR kitchen ventilation system. Reach out to our support team to kick start your energy savings today.

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Discover the technology powerhouse behind ECOAZUR

Intellinox Technologies has spent a decade perfecting the design of ECOAZUR, its ahead-of-the-curve kitchen ventilation system that offers a new—and smarter—approach to traditional demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) systems.

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