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Demand control kitchen ventilation. Evolved.

It’s time you met ECOAZUR®, the industry’s most advanced intelligent demand control kitchen ventilation system (DCKV) for commercial kitchens. Slash your energy costs, reduce GHG emissions, and improve your team’s comfort. Say goodbye to your most energy-guzzling appliance: your kitchen ventilation system.

About DCKV : Demand control kitchen ventilation systems automatically control the speed of exhaust and supply fans in commercial kitchens to help them save on energy costs.


airflow control

monitoring and analytics

End-to-end detection

Waterproof and greaseproof, ECOAZUR’s temperature and optic sensors detect, in real-time, temperature changes, smoke, steam, fumes and even the smallest particulates in harsh hood environments.

Real-time airflow control

The system’s processor analyzes and safely adjusts both fan speeds and modulating dampers to maintain optimal air quality—with airflow rates going as low as 30%.

Cloud-based monitoring and analytics

ECOAZUR can immediately send alerts should changes occur with your kitchen ventilation system. Access comprehensive reports so that you can identify even more ways to save on energy costs and improve comfort.

High-performance detection can reduce your airflow up to 70%.

Stop struggling with your legacy DCKV. Rely on the next-generation intelligent kitchen ventilation system to stylishly achieve energy-saving breakthroughs.

With ECOAZUR’s optical and temperature sensor configurations, you can save on the electric consumption of fan motors and the treatment of replacement air, such as heating, cooling and dehumidification. What’s more: adding dampers helps to control airlfow for each hood independently, regardless of the number of hoods connected to an exhaust system.

Thanks to its performant optical detection and multiple cooking modes, ECOAZUR is the only kitchen ventilation system on the market that can achieve this level of energy savings to truly impact your bottom line.

Put your team in its comfort zone.

With ECOAZUR, you easily regulate airflow to optimize kitchen temperatures, avoid hood spills or overflow, and tone down the noise. In today’s competitive market for cooking staff, give your team the crème de la crème in comfort.

Just plug and play. And then cook.

Ultra-easy to learn and use, the ECOAZUR system is available in a variety of temperatures, optics and damper configurations. Regardless of your hood size, brand or style, or if you’re looking for an intelligent DCKV for retrofits or new constructions, we’ve got you covered.

Blue is the new green.

Because this high-performance solution can modulate from 0 to 100%, ECOAZUR allows you to prevent tons of greenhouse gas emissions per kitchen, per year. Yes, it’s that easy to be green.

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Drive decisions. Completely change the game.

With Intellinox Cloud capabilities, you can remotely monitor your ECOAZUR system to instantly make changes to ventilation levels as well as adjust fan speeds and modulating dampers. Access in-depth analytics and reports to gain insight into how to optimize your ventilation and benchmark one kitchen's performance.

We serve up some pretty great results.

Check out some of our latest projects and see why we’re known in the industry for our proven track record.

Want a look under the hood?

Got a new kitchen project? Need to retrofit your existing equipment? Contact one of our certified, local distributors and partners for more information on our turnkey solutions. In no time, you’ll be on the road to more energy savings, more comfort and a better bottom line.

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Where stellar service comes standard.

Make the most out of your ECOAZUR kitchen ventilation system. Reach out to our support team to kick start your energy savings today.

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Discover the technology powerhouse behind ECOAZUR

Intellinox Technologies has spent a decade perfecting the design of ECOAZUR, its ahead-of-the-curve kitchen ventilation system that offers a new—and smarter—approach to traditional demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) systems.

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